Donald Trump Boycotting The Debate — It’s Petty. It’s Childish. It’s Going To Work.

by Jason Howard Kelly

Here’s a question — Why do we watch the Republican Debates? Is it because we want to educate ourselves on the candidates and the issues in order so that we may consider ourselves informed voters? Sure, there is a large contingency of viewers out there that watch these debates for that very reason.

There is, however, another reason that is far more obvious, as well as completely juvenile — It’s entertainment.

Let’s face it, for as many serious, well-educated, and informed voters there are this country has just as many voters that are completely indifferent to the result of this years election. As a matter of fact, there are hundreds of thousands of people in this country who will openly admit that they do not plan to vote this year. Those are the people that tune in to these debates to see which candidate is going to say something stupid or offensive, or maybe even funny.

These are the people that Donald Trump is hoping to reach with his stomping-his-feet, indignant boycott of the debate tonight. Trump wants those viewers, whom would normally tune in to witness his antics, to stomp their feet right along with him. Trump is hoping they will not only refuse to watch tonight’s debate on FOX, but that they will publicly chastise FOX on social media for “forcing” Trump to sit out of tonight’s debate.

And guess what? It’s going to work.

Like him or not, Trump has a fiercely loyal following. Trump supporters have stood by him despite his controversial ideas such as building a wall that Mexico will pay for, and temporarily banning all Muslims from entering the United States.

So why would they stop now? Trump’s supporters are likely to, once, again, follow his lead and boycott tonight’s debate from their very own homes. Given Trumps’ current lead in the national polls that could end up being a vast audience that FOX will not have for the debate tonight. Not only could that be trouble for FOX, but it could also be trouble for the other Republican candidates that are actually debating tonight. How can they attack Trump if he isn’t there to respond? How can they question one of his policies if he isn’t there to explain it? The other candidates are handcuffed by Trumps absence tonight, and that’s exactly what he wanted.

So while Jeb, Marco, Ted, Rand, Chris, and the others duke it out on live TV tonight, Trump will be sitting in his luxurious home collecting more potential voters while his loyal followers go to bat for him.

Trump’s best debate performance could be the one that he doesn’t even show up for.



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One thought on “Donald Trump Boycotting The Debate — It’s Petty. It’s Childish. It’s Going To Work.

  1. If I want hours of entertainment, a political debate would be the last show I would tune in for live. Too much blah blah between punches. It’s much more fun to wait until after, and channel surf around the various post-game wrap ups on the news channels, where they’ve already got the best bits edited and cued up. I can’t be the only audience member who feels this way.

    It’s only a contrarian guess, but wouldn’t Trump not being there make it EASIER for the others to attack him? We’ve already seen some of that – Ted Cruz suggesting he’s scared of Megyn Kelly, other candidates and pundits suggesting he’s shirking his duty to voters.


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