Tom Brady Absolutely Should Attend The NFL’s Super Bowl MVP Ceremony

by Jason Howard Kelly

via CBS Boston:

So, given the not-too-cordial treatment from the league over the past year, the question has been raised as to whether Brady will actually attend this ceremony. The theory goes that by smiling and waving as part of the ceremony, Brady will be bolstering the image of the league and, as a result, Goodell. Yet by no-showing on the event, he’d be raising the proverbial middle finger to Goodell for all that he has done over the past year. In this case, a silent protest would be the loudest noise Brady could possibly make.

In case you forgot Super Bowl 50 is this Sunday, February 7th. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl the NFL will be holding a special ceremony before the game to honor all the past Super Bowl MVP’s of the past 50 years. This means that all the greats including players such as Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Troy Aikman, John Elway, and many others will be on the field at Super Bowl 50 to be honored by the NFL.

The question that is now circulating around the New England area is whether Tom Brady will attend the ceremony or not. It is not secret how tumultuous this past year has been for Brady with the NFL attempting to suspend him as a result of the Deflategate investigation. Brady’s reputation has been, in some part, tarnished by the NFL as a result of the investigation which has lead many people to speculate that he will decide to skip the NFL’s ceremony as an act of defiance.

And you know what? That’s just silly.

Tom Brady should, and most likely will, attend the NFL Super Bowl MVP ceremony. Why? Because he’s Tom Brady. He could very well be the greatest quarterback to ever play the game of football. Brady has carried himself with nothing but class and absolute poise throughout his 16-year career. Why would a man like that suddenly decide to act like a petulant child? Especially considering that this ceremony is taking place at the biggest sporting event of the entire calendar year. Despite the wishes of many Patriots fans, Tom Brady is not going to go “Stone Cold Steve Austin” on Roger Goodell and the NFL. He’s not going to walk into Levi Stadium, flip Goodell the bird, smash a beer can over his head and storm out in defiance.

anigif_enhanced-8928-1435623221-6Stone Cold Steve Austin/ via Buzzfeed

As entertaining as that would be it’s just not who Tom Brady is. Behind closed doors Brady may very well be angry and frustrated with the NFL and with how this past year has gone. However, at the end of it all, Brady knows how to conduct himself when the eyes of the nation are on him. Holding a grudge is for children, and Brady is not a child — He’s a Super Bowl legend.


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