Accusing Bernie Sanders’ Supporters of Sexism Is A Weak Move by Hillary Clinton

by Jason Howard Kelly

via CNN:

Bill Clinton lashed out at “sexist” and “profane” attacks on Hillary Clinton and her supporters by proponents of Bernie Sanders, and accused them of harassing those who don’t back the Vermont senator’s campaign or disagree with his policies.

Speaking in New Hampshire on Sunday, Clinton delivered an extended rebuke of the Sanders supporters, whom he said subject people who back his wife to “vicious trolling.”

Well, this is a new campaign strategy that I’ve never seen before. Struggling in the polls? Fine, let’s just accuse half the country of being sexist to justify our unfavorable results. Is Hillary Clinton aware that this move actually makes her even more unlikable? The more troublesome aspect of this is that it came from Hillary’s husband, former President, Bill Clinton, instead of coming from her directly.

This act wreaks of desperation after an extremely narrow win in the Iowa primary and a landslide loss in New Hampshire primary. Bernie Sanders is starting to gain meaningful momentum that could very well see him securing the democratic nomination for President. One of the reasons that Sanders is doing so well is because of his connection to the Millennial voters. The younger generation in this country, whom typically have a low turnout at the polls, are starting to, “Feel the Bern” for the upcoming 2016 election.

Sanders has attracted Millennial voters with his candid nature and his progressive social policies. He also knows how to connect with a younger audience by showing his playful side, such as when he appeared on Saturday Night Live with actor Larry David, who has famously portrayed Sanders on the show in the past.



Bernie also caught the eye of many young voters when he sat down with the rapper known as, “Killer Mike”, back in November of 2015. Killer Mike, who’s real name is Michael Render, is known for being fairly outspoken when it comes to politics and social issues. He posted this tribute to Michael Brown, the unarmed black man who was shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson, MO back in 2014.

bernie-sanders-killer-mikeBernie Sanders and Killer Mike / via

It is actions like these that make Bernie Sanders the affable and approachable candidate that Millennials, and many other potential voters, can feel confident in supporting. That is what makes these claims of sexism towards his supporters so disappointing on Hillary Clinton’s end. Let’s face it, Clinton can never connect with young voters in the way that Bernie has, but it is not because of sexism. It is because she is running a traditional, and frankly, stale campaign here in 2016. Younger voters want to see personality, character, and some semblance of humanity in their candidates. Clinton’s campaign makes her appear robotic and, at times, unfeeling. With these sexism accusations it almost seems as though Clinton is trying to shame people into voting for her. Making Millennials feel guilty for voting for Bernie Sanders is the exact opposite of what Hillary Clinton should be striving for.

The bottom line is this: voting for Bernie Sanders is not sexist towards Hillary Clinton. It really is as simple as that. Millennials, as well as any other potential voter of any age, race, or gender should never feel ashamed of their decision at the polls. Hillary Clinton needs to worry more about changing her campaign and trying to get back into the race. There is a growing sentiment among Millennials which turned into a hugely popular Tumblr post, and it simply reads, “Bernie wants change. Hillary wants the Presidency.”

Maybe they’re right.


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