I’m not offended by Kanye West’s “Famous” video. I just think it’s stupid.

by Jason Howard Kelly

By now everyone has seen, or at least glimpsed at, Kanye’s new music video for his song titled, “Famous”. The video features Kanye lying naked in his bed with naked wax replicas of other celebrities, including Taylor Swift, Donald Trump, Rihanna, Amber Rose, and his wife, Kim Kardashian. The video has already stirred up a whirlwind of controversy with internet pundits such as Lena Dunham slamming it as sexist and degrading.

By the way, that is downright hilarious coming from Lena Dunham, the same woman who waxed poetic about the time she molested her 6-year old sister in her stupid book as if it was funny. Take a seat, Lena.

Another controversial part of the video was that Kanye placed a naked Rihanna next to a naked Chris Brown, the man who savagely beat her back in 2009 and has yet to show the slightest remorse for it. Don’t get me wrong, that placement is abysmal and it deserves to be scrutinized. However, is a music video really worth getting all hot and bothered about?

No. Unfortunately, all of our criticisms, fair or not, will fall on deaf ears. This is not a music video from some rookie, newbie artist. This is Kanye West. This is a man who believes himself to be a God among men. Kanye uses words like “divine” and “genius” to describe himself. That is more than just an ego maniac, that is a straight-up psychopath. So what is the point of us all bitching and moaning to him about his music video? Kanye doesn’t care what anyone thinks. This is a man who sells plain white t-shirts for $200 because they have the name “Kanye” on them.

Save your breath, folks. Instead of watching the video and getting all upset and offended, just do what I do: disregard every single thing Kanye says and does. Do I think Kanye is a genius? Nope. Do I think Kanye is revolutionary? Nope. Do I think he’s even that good of a rapper? Not since he came out with My Dark Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy back in 2010. But does Kanye care what I think? Of course not. I’m just a lazy blogger sitting on his couch, why should he care? I don’t care about him, and he doesn’t care about me. Therefore, I’m going to completely ignore his stupid music video and his stupid music. I’m going to focus my passion elsewhere such as… Oh, I don’t know, choosing who to vote for as the next President of my country? Or maybe I’ll shift my attention to the Brexit vote and how it affects my life here in the U.S.

My point is that there are bigger fish to fry than Kanye West and his dumb-ass music video, so let’s all just settle down.


One thought on “I’m not offended by Kanye West’s “Famous” video. I just think it’s stupid.

  1. This guy just wanted attention and he got some….but probably not nearly as much as he expected. Didn’t even watch more than 20 secs, have to say it was an interesting idea to replicate a fine art photo though


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